Now, dear reader, I need you to stir your imagination a wee bit while reading the sentences I write here. Say, I’m in my hostel room (with 9 others, so technically it’s a dorm) at this moment.

So, it’s 20th July evening, around 5.50 pm. And I’m in the hostel. I’m looking through my stuff and the pathetic lack of space. I remember I need to drink a lot of water. I get to my school bag, then to my purse, to get my keys — to get the steel glass out of the broken drawer. I do that. I drink water.
Just as I sit down, I realise I need to change into softer clothes. I get the lock of my suitcase opened. I get my clothes out. I lock it again.
I go to the bathroom to change. I come back and hang my clothes to dry.
Then, just as I sit down, someone comes asking for something, or plainly to gossip, with that sparkling glee. I cannot say no directly, if I’m not feeling it, so I go along.
Then they ask me to go to their room or to the corridors. I get up. I look around to check if my stuff is in place. I check if my drawer and trunk and suitcase is locked. I check if my keys are in my purse, which in turn is in my bag.
Then I look for my phone’s charger, because since I’ll be out in the corridors, I might as well have my phone charged (Because the plug point is outside the room). Then I reach for my bag to get the charger.
It’s 8.30 in the evening already. People visit our room as if it’s some merry fair and as if we’re giving out free candy. If I don’t smile I’m considered a snob. If I smile a lot I’m considered creepy.
Oh, the bell rang. Dinner time. I have to unplug my phone’s charger, put it in my bag, and check the keys. Then with the keys I have to unlock my puny drawer, which has 2 small doors, one of them broken, and get my plate out. Lock it again, carry my keys with me, and I go downstairs. So well.
I spend the entire time eating rice and checking if my phone and keys are where they are supposed to be. I fill up my bottle for the next day.
I eat like a dog and run upstairs like a coyote. Then I look around like an eagle if my stuff is safe. I unlock my trunk and take my kit bag out. Brush my teeth, wash my face. I return from the bathroom, put my kit bag back into the trunk, lock it, and sit on my bed like a moron.
Then I remember something else and unlock either of my three locked cases. Then lock it back.
My life is spent away in locking and unlocking my cases all day long as if it’s my job. And to highlight the irony, I’m paying for this! Not technically, but yes, I’m the one suffering both ways, nothing is neutral, and the reserve of saved time is showing negative.

And then, when I’m sleeping at night, some eerie thought creeps up my brain that someone is messing with my stuff, and I wake up at 3 am and check. Then again at 4.25 am, because the last day I heard that some money was stolen, and the dorm I sleep in has doors that do not lock from the inside.

By the way, since I consider drinking a lot of water is a very good habit, I have to frequent the toilet, the well of germs, many times. Now point out the goodness in all of this, if any at all.

And don’t slam the “oh you’re learning a lot” on my face.
Edit: I shifted to another hostel which, thankfully, has provided me with quite much amount of space, and a cupboard of my own.

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