An evening

The sky is beautiful today. I just talked with my mother and I video called her. I told her all about my day and smiled and laughed a lot.

I’m sitting on the covered terrace of my hostel, alone. There are many interesting things going on on the other terraces. On one, there are a little white chicken and a goat, enjoying their solitude and freedom to treat the entire terrace as their toilet. Their personal, sprawling toilet.


One another terrace, some forty crows are perching, and are looking here and there.
On a window pane, a pigeon is sitting peacefully.
My mother noticed I find the domestic animal kingdom very fascinating. What makes them execute such actions? How on earth can they be so cute?!


The goat has been enjoying its view delightfully for a while now. And…now it found out it was being watched.


I wish I could stay on this terrace. But that’s against the rules. It’s airy in here. If no one comes here I can have my share of solitude.

Now, the biggest problem would be going downstairs umpteen times a day for several reasons, one of them being to charge mobile phones. There are plug points only in the waiting room, on the ground floor. There are none in the entire building, except of course the rooms of the workers and the kitchen maybe. If I can, wherever I’ll stay in the future, I’ll have at least 5 plug points installed in every room, just to spite the ones who came up with this ridiculous idea.


Oh, and now the goat and the little white chicken were brought leaves are rice respectively. The goat has its way to the leaves, but the crows are eating the little white chicken’s rice and chasing it away. Poor little white chicken.

Little white chicken walking away

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