No, not, no way in hell, never lonely

So, it’s been over a month that I have been staying in this hostel.
It’s not that bad. Not that good either.
One of my roommates is playing songs on her laptop and getting ready to go out. Today is Sunday, people go out. This is why I love Sundays, I get to stay alone.
I get to fume, I get to dance to songs I play for me, I get to act as clumsy I can without anyone watching me.
But oh, did I tell you, this hostel is run by some Sisters, who find out-of-the-world happiness in coming to our rooms and taking our things away. Things include towels, or trousers on the line, or shoes.
Picking on students aside, these Sisters don’t bother to listen. I complained twice the last week that a tap in one of the bathroom stalls isn’t working. But hey, who cares, right?
So, let’s get back to me. Let’s go over my plans for Sunday. I woke up late, at 8.15 am. Had my breakfast. Then I read a book. Took a bath. Went downstairs to charge my phone. Decided to write something and here we are.
People are going out. I’m not. I’d rather sit in and spend some time with…well, my pillow.
Earlier I had this idea about hostel life — going out with friends, hitting the malls, dressing up well. But oops, I’m right there where I was. I haven’t met the perfect people to go out with. I don’t like gossiping. I don’t like having non-chicken stuff at KFC. I don’t own a Burberry dress. I don’t own a Gucci handbag (yet. I don’t need one to qualify as a girl who goes out with others). I don’t like applying makeup. I don’t like talking about other’s boyfriends and calling other girls bitches.
And to hell with other differences, I just do not like gossiping!
It’s apparent that people think I’m an introvert. And they think introverts are weird even though I’m friendly with everyone. I greet people and they greet me back. This is not weird.
So, while others will go out on weekends, I’ll sit in and write a dumb blog post. I’ll go out too, have the exact thing I like at KFC. Or maybe a mini pizza at Domino’s. Or maybe I’ll go to the bookstore and spend the day there. Or maybe I’ll go to the malls and buy something cute.
Or maybe I’ll just draw something silly. For example, a pirate rabbit I drew some days back —


So peaceful.

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