On forgetting that I write

Hello keyboard. Once upon a time I used to use the keyboard to translate the tiny packets of information in my brain to virtually written words in the word document.

Somehow that faded. I started writing lesser and lesser. And lesser.

And yet lesser—to the stage where I felt lazy to write anything at all.

I remember how dramatically I used to flaunt my habit of writing daily; I used to say I cannot live without writing, and writing daily this, and writing daily that.

I don’t remember clearly how I fell out of this habit. Might be the dry spell of human interaction when I stayed in Guwahati with my parents during the holidays. Might be the lack of a keyboard and a holy plug point while staying in the hostel during the college days. Might be the fear of being in trouble due to the several stupid rules in the hostel I used to stay in.

Anyway, I needed to write. It feels good. It feels like collecting my little pieces from here and there like we collect eggs during Easter. Fun times.

Today is the first day of a new year. New year, old me. My new year resolution? Not losing myself.

Speaking of new, I experienced a lot of new things the past year, a few of them were not to anyone’s taste, a few pretty satisfying, a few extremely ordinary, while the remaining one or two magical. Magical will be the right word, yes.

Besides this, I have been doodling quite much.

I have been an instagrammer who is crazy about getting others to see her photos.

I have doubted myself when others trusted in me.

I have been waiting for my phone to pop a wanted notification.

I have been slapped uncertainty on my face.

I have tasted freedom.

I have received a lot of love and support, a lot more than I would have asked for, but longed for day and night.

And for now, look at this cat with a parachute, descending cutely. We named him Doodle. We hope you like him.


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